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Isaac Morales

Shortly after receiving his Blue belt in 2010 he began teaching a fundamentals class for adults and juveniles. As the years progressed and after receiving his purple belt he began helping and teaching some of the kids classes. Seeing the joy , laughter and love the kids had for Jiu Jitsu really inspired him to someday achieve the rank of Black Belt and open his very own Jiu Jitsu Academy.

Professor Isaac has been actively competing since he was a white belt. His first competition was in 2009 at a UBJJ tournament only a few months into the sport. As a blue belt placed 3rd at the 1st Annual Gracie Humaita Open. As he began to become more competitive in the sport most of his accomplishments came while competing as a Brown and Black Belt. As both a Brown and Black belt he has placed in some of the most prestigious events, such as Pan Ams. Professor Isaac shares those experiences with his students to encourage them to never give up. He is happy knowing that one day his knowledge has been passed on. One of his favorite sayings is “Always push yourself to succeed. For some people success is but arms length away and for others success can be a distance.”

He is a firm believer in Christ. He firmly believes that just like in the book of Ephesians how it speaks of unity for Christ to well equip the saints. He also believes that we as Jiu Jitsu practitioners should be well equipped in unity for every situation that we may encounter. Professor Isaac has placed a systematic approach and program for his students to learn Self Defense and competition. This systematic approach has helped build confidence, discipline and structure for students.