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Gracie Humaita Beaumont Wrestling

Gracie Humaita Beaumont Gracie Humaita Beaumont Wrestling

Kid Wrestling

For younger martial artists, our kids program offers a safe and supportive environment where children can learn and grow. We understand the importance of age-appropriate training, and our instructors tailor the classes to suit the needs and abilities of each child. Through fun and engaging activities, kids will develop their grappling skills while building confidence, discipline, and teamwork.

Join us at Gracie Humaita Beaumont and discover the benefits of incorporating wrestling into your martial arts journey. Our programs provide a solid foundation and invaluable insights that can enhance your overall martial arts proficiency. Whether you’re looking to compete, improve your self-defense capabilities, or simply enjoy the physical and mental aspects of grappling, our classes are designed to meet your goals. Come and experience the dynamic world of wrestling with us!

Gracie Humaita Beaumont Gracie Humaita Beaumont Wrestling

Adult Wrestling

Our adult program provides a dynamic and challenging environment for individuals who want to develop their grappling skills further. Whether you have previous experience in grappling or are starting from scratch, our experienced instructors will guide you through progressive training sessions that focus on improving your technique, strength, and overall performance.

In our wrestling classes, we emphasize teaching the core movements and techniques involved in grappling, including throws, takedowns, and pins. These skills are not only essential in maintaining ground control but are also relavent in various other martial arts disciplines such as BJJ. Wrestlers often bring a unique advantage and mindset to their martial arts training, and we aim to cultivate those qualities in our students.

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