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Philip Fulton

In my late twenties, a multitude of health issues surfaced, leaving me grappling with dizziness, extreme fatigue, allergic reactions, and relentless body aches. Traditional medical tests provided no answers, merely hinting that it was all in my mind. Determined to find healing, I delved into various alternative therapies, embracing energy work, NAET, TFT, EFT, massage, breathwork, meditation, and, of course, yoga. Over time, this multidimensional approach became a catalyst in my journey of gradual healing—nurturing my body and mending my heart and mind.

All these healing modalities opened my eyes to alternative ways of healing the body, which led straight to the ancient physical, energetic healing practice of Thai Yoga Massage. I have been blessed with using what I have learned over my years of training in this art not only to continue to heal myself but to help bring body and mind healing to so many different people.

In 2021, at 47, I embarked on a surprising new path exploring Jiu-Jitsu. I’ve been struck by how much it resonates with yoga and vice versa. There’s a definite overlap between the two. Maintaining calm under pressure, tuning into the body, having a single focus, using the breath to create equanimity, and making necessary adjustments. Both emphasize being present and mindful. Thanks to years of yoga practice, my body remains agile and healthy, allowing me to embrace this new physical art later in life. Looking ahead, I’m excited about the continued training, drawing from the shared principles of these disciplines.

In addition to teaching yoga in the studio, I am a husband to an amazing wife and business partner, as well as a father to two young, active children. I also enjoy running a Private Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage business.

Helping people feel better brings me great joy, whether it’s getting people to move their body more efficiently, teaching how to calm and relax the mind through meditation and breathwork, or helping heal deep trauma through Thai Yoga massage and energy work.

I look forward to sharing it with you.

Please connect with me at the studio or online.